The following are NOT ALLOWED in ArabiaRose

1- Threatening, harassing, embarrassing,disrespecting, fighting or causing fights to other chatters in public rooms are not allowed.

2- Posting phone numbers in public rooms is not allowed. In private messages, the chatter who is getting the number can ignore using /ig [nick].

3- Posting any chatter's private message(s) in public rooms is not allowed.

4- Talking about sex, Drugs is not allowed.

5- Flooding, posting the same message for 3 or more times is not allowed.Horizontal flood is also not allowed.

6- Posting Bad URL's in Main or in PM is not allowed.

7- Advertising for other chat in Main or in PM is not allowed.

8- Hacking, or getting involved in hacking such as helping hackers, or posting hacking links or any kind jamming or crashing links is not allowed.

9- Using bad, insulting, harassing, embarrassing, disrespecting  or Religious nicks is not allowed.

10-Abusing with the commands /kick or /ban or any such controlling commands in the chat, by using them against innocent chatters is not allowed.

11- Using such controlling commands also with fake reasons or reasons such as ( language or harassment in my private messages),(language or harassment to me in the Public Board), or (stuck) is not allowed.

12- Kicking/banning for revenge, or with low kick or ban time is not allowed.

13- Unbanning others ban is not allowed for all ranks but only Rank 27 and above are allowed to unban others ban in necessary case.

14- Sharing accounts is not allowed.If an operator is caught for sharing of account his nick will be suspended for 2 weeks and downgraded by one rank.

15- Deop-ing for one or two invalid or abuse kick/ban is not allowed. Cops can Deop if the abuser kick or ban, 3 or more chatters or a bad language in the reason. Other than that the operator who abused can be banned.

16- Summoning  the Chatters can be done without asking permission from the chatter to summon.The chatters can use "/null" to avoid others from summoing them.

17- Kicking, Banning, Deoping, Suspending and Warning in Arabic reasons is not allowed.

18- Using bad language, insulting, harassing or threatening in kick, ban, deop, suspend or warning is not allowed.

19- Playing with command /filter is not allowed. Command /filter has been done for filtering the bad language or Flood in the main.

20- If the nick was expired and not renewed within 2 months, the nick will be automatically deleted by the server from the database. So, those expired nicks have to start from rank 1 even if they had a higher rank before the expiration.

21- If any operator do ADVERTISEMENT for another chat with his/her operator nick, the nick will be suspended for 1 month and downgraded to rank 1.

22- Backing up the operators nick or their friends nick is not allowed and if any operator backed up their friends or their own nicks, the nick will be suspended for 1 week.

23- No kick or ban for Flood or phone number in the Private Messages. To avoid this the chatters can use the /ig command.

24- All Operators are allowed to UNBAN the UAE IP's ( 194.170.168, 194.170.163, 194.170.1, 194.170.2, 195.229.208 ) after 5 minutes  of the ban if the operator who banned the IP is NOT ONLINE.

25- Using the commands /himsg and /opmsg for fun or normal chats between the operators is not allowed.

26- Posting image links for insulting other chatters is not allowed.

27- Filtering the login and logoff messages is not allowed. However, if the nicks is with bad language or an advertisement nick then it can be filtered.

28- Asking or advertisement for Votes in the main is not allowed.

29- Posting fake kicks or bans in the main is not allowed.

30- Kicking, banning , deoping or suspending with the Just the reason of ABUSER is not allowed, as the reason ABUSER is not enough to know what the operator really did. So, the operators should mention the reason clearly.

31 Kicking STAFF is not allowed by other staffs.


FORWARDED Bad Language or insult or harrassment in PM : If any operator in the chat in any rank got a forward from any guest or an operator he/she is allowed to do the action at that time which is kick/ban with Reason ( Bad lang in PM or insulting in PM or Harassing in PM BUT in the reason it should include [Got the forward from NICK or End of forward from NICK] ).  eg) bad lang in PM , forwarded from [NICK].

Bad Language or insult or harrassment in PM : If any operator get the bad language in their PM, first check whether there is any higher operator in the chat using the command /high. If there is any higher operator then you have to forward to just 1 higher operator and then make the kick or ban and mention in the reason to whom you have forwarded to. If there is NO HIGHER OPERTOR online in the chat then you have to forward to 2 operator's(Rank 2 and above) who is online and mention both of their nicks in the reason.

Operator's getting forwards: If any operator get the forward from other operator, and if you are rank 19 and above please inform other operators using that /opmsg that you have got the forward and the operators less than rank 19 can post in the main that they got the forward. This good habit will avoid lot of kicks, bans and troubles in the chat. 

Before making the kick or ban: Operators before doing their action, if you are not sure about your action please do /logs and check the proof page(click on the [P] at the end of the logs) and see the page before the kick or ban happend. Dont be sure about the command /scan because if some filter happens then it will not be displayed when you do /scan. 

 The following are ALLOWED in ArabiaRose

 1- Posting ICQ numbers is allowed.

2- Fighting is allowed ONLY in PM and in PRIVATE rooms.